Women Group Advocates More Seats For Women In Federal, State Assemblies

27 May 2021 By Josiah Buzun

A group, Women Political Participation Technical Working Group has called for the creation of Special additional seats for women in the Federal and State Legislative Houses.

Briefing newsmen after submitting their memorandum to the Committee for the review of the 1999 Constitution, spokesperson of the group Mrs Jiritmwa Mirgak Goyit advocated for a Senate seat for women from the 36 states and the FCT.

Two seats for women from the 36 States and FCT in the House of Representatives as well as one seat from each Senatorial District for the State House of Assembly.

The group moved for the alteration of existing section of the Constitution to accommodate their demand.

Mrs Goyit expressed regret that female political representation in the 2019 elections was negligible, relative to approximately half of the population they constitute.

She stressed the need to ensure gender neutral and sensitive language in the Country’s Constitution, noting that masculine languages are gender biased and undermine women and girl’s political participation , which she said further hinders inclusive Governance in Nigeria.

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