UP Advocates More Recognition For Traditional Institutions

07 October 2020 By Georgina Humphrey

The United Patriots, UP, has condemned the continuous desecration of traditional institutions in Nigeria by some State Governments.

This is contained in a statement in Abuja signed by the National Chairman
United Patriots, UP, Chukwudi Ezeobika

According to the statement, states like Anambra, Kano, and Lagos sacked some traditional rulers recently while some State Governments imposed traditional rulers on the people.

It states that impunity with which State Governments ridicule and bring to disrepute, the Nation’s revered traditional institutions has reduced its real essence and potency.

The statement explains that the constant use of traditional institutions for political and personal gains by State Governments, has become absurd.

It calls for the urgent need to revisit the legal framework which vested powers of appointment and removal of traditional Rulers as this power has consistently remained prone to abuse and ridicule.

“As a people, our cherished norms, cultures and traditions are continuously being violated and threatened by the powers erroneously vested on State Governments, which powers should ordinarily be exercised by the people” it added.

“These powers usually deployed as missiles of war by various State Governors against their perceived opponents and duly constituted traditional Rulers, appear to be causing more harm than good to the Nigerian society”

It describes the way and manner the revered traditional Rulers are suspended, ex-communicated and or outrightly dismissed from office.

The United Patriots stresses fact that the real power under our Native Laws and Customs as well as under any democratic system of government, belongs to the people.

It notes that the power to appoint or select a traditional Ruler must remain with the people and not the government.

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