Reps To Investigate Acts Inimical To Safety Of Endangered Species

09 December 2020 by Aisha Adesanya

The House of Representatives is to investigate activities of illegal logging, encroachment and other acts inimical to the safety of endangered species in Okomu and other National National Parks in Nigeria.

This is the resolution of a motion titled
Need to Investigate the Encroachment, Illegal Logging and Destruction of Preserved Wildlife
Habitat in Okomu National Park Games Reserve sponsored by Dennis Idahosa from Edo State.

Leading the debate, the lawmaker expressed concern that illegal logging activities within Okomu park were extensive thereby compromising the ecosystem and endangering wild-life.

Idahosa disclosed that the park which is located in Ovia Federal Constituency of Edo State is home to about 33 species mammals and over 150 species of birds.

The lawmaker who noted that some of these animals are endangered, including the white–throated monkeys, African Buffalo and the African forest Elephant said the territorial encroachment on the reserve remains a great threat to their safety.

Idahosa further pionted out that illegal logging in Okomu Forest Reserve has
led to reported cases of Elephants running rampage on farmlands, destroying crops and other valuables in local communities.

The House therefore mandated its
Committee on Environment to investigate all illegsl activities endangering Okomu National park as well as other national parks in the Country and report within 8 weeks for further legislative action .

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