PCN Adopts Effective Regulatory Mechanism

21 November 2020 By Florence Adewale

Plans are under way to review curriculum of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria to meet present day realities and address emerging viruses.

The Board Chairman of the Council, Professor Ahmed Tijani made this known at a news conference in Abuja.

Professor Tijani said there was need to regularly review the curriculum as most diseases had not emerged when it was drafted.

“The Pharmacist Council is a regulatory agency under the ministry of health which is responsible for regulating and supervision of pharmacists’ education and training. Now there is what we call BMAS, Bench Mark Academic Standard which is drafted here to ensure the curriculum in all schools is the same all over the country, so this BMAS is subjected to quality control.”

The Board Chairman who added that some Countries still depend on Nigeria for pharmaceutical products that boost the immune system against covid nineteen said it would not hesitate to improve on regulating the professional body to ensure international best practices.

“The immune boosting products are Vitamins D, Folic Acid and Vitamins C. Hand sanitizers only kill the germs if it is present, the pharmaceutical products in Nigeria is of higher quality and most Countries depend on Nigeria.

Also speaking, Registrar of the Council, Dr. Elijah Mohammed said the Federal Government was working assiduously to fast track construction of coordinated wholesale centres to end the open drug market in the Country.

” We have coordinated wholesale centres, the Federal Government is so much concerned about the open market, the coordinated wholesale centres is the alternative that the Federal Government has put in place to take care of the open drug market and right now the coordinated centres are being built across the country. “

The Registrar said the Council had concluded plans to monitor the activities of its members and business premises digitally.

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