Osun Federal Lawmakers tackle senator Fadaunsi over Claim of Rising Debts

26 July 2020 by James Itodo.

Eight out of the twelve federal lawmakers from Osun State , have taken up Senator Francis Adenigba Fadaunsi ( PDP)representing Osun East over alleged claim of insolvency of the State arising from huge debts profile .

Senator Fadaunsi had kicked against any move by the Osun State government, to collect additional loan , saying with a total debt profile of over N170 billion, Osun State currently ranks the sixth most indebted state in Nigeria.

He maintained that the State was not economically viable and too steep in debts to go shopping for more loans.

He said doing so would mean mortgaging the future of the people of Osun State and condemning them to a life of perpetual servitude.
In their reaction to Fadaunsi’s claim, the APC caucus from Osun State in the National Assembly , described the Osun East Senator as an alarmist , making unfounded allegation against the State government .

The Caucus at a news briefing in Abuja said it wouldn’t have reacted to Fadaunsi’s partisan claims but since three other federal lawmakers from the Peoples Democratic Party in the House of Representatives , are not on the same page with him, there was need to single him out as an enemy of progress.

The Caucus led by Senator Surajudeen Ajibola Basiru ( APC ) osun Central, and Mr. Femi Fakeye said the question of loan Fadaunsi is kicking against does not even arise as the State government had not made any move in that direction .

They said the $20m grant given to the State by the World Bank , had been judiciously used to put into proper shape , all the 332 Primary Health Care Centres across the various wards in the State , including where Fadaunsi hails from .

However in a swift reaction Fadaunsi
said as a lawmaker, he cannot sit idly without doing anything to stop it.

According to him, the APC lawmakers know the truth about the insolvent status of Osun State but were being economical with it.

He said despite being outnumbered; he’ll continue to raise the alarm over any such plans to further plunge the state into more debts.
Regarding the $20 million World Bank grant, Fadahunsi said the APC caucus lied when it said the State Government had used the money to establish Primary Health Centres in all the wards in state.

He challenged the APC Caucus to provide details of the contracts awarded for the Primary Health Centres, the equipment and drugs bought as well as those engaged to work at the Primary Health Centres..

He said merely painting and repairing the roof of existing PHC cannot not be what the State Government spent a whopping N7billion on asking it to explain how the money was utilized.

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