NILOV Expresses Dissatisfaction With Amended Electoral Bill

09 July 2021 By Remi Johnson

The League of Women Voters of Nigeria has expressed dissatisfaction with provisions of the Amended 2021 Electoral Bill by the National Assembly.

At a news briefing in Abuja, President of the League, Dame Esther Uduehi called on the Federal Government to review the bill in the interest of democracy.

Dame Uduehi explained that accepting the Amended 2021 electoral bill particularly in relation to hike in campaign finances, would further disenfranchise many women aspiring for political offices.

She therefore called for waivers for women aspiring for political positions, and enjoined the National Assembly to pass into law an Electoral Bill that conforms with yearnings of Nigerians.

“The provision encourages money politics and cash and carry politics. We are not in support of this provision and the National Assembly should make special provisions and waivers for women to encourage women participation in politics.”

Suggesting ways electoral manipulations could be checked, Dame Uduehi emphasized the need for the country to embrace transmission of election results electronically, as witnessed in the Edo and Ondo States Governorship elections.

” … demand that transmission of election results by electronic means is not only sacrosanct but…it will in clear terms rid our collation process of the manipulations, juggling of figures outright Fraud as experienced in the past …2020 Governorship elections in Edo and Ondo were adjudged by most stakeholders as true reflections of the will of the people “

Dame Esther Uduehi among other national concerns, proposed that the constitutional review should look into the nomination of Independent candidates and appointment of the chief electoral Umpire by government.

She also kicked against empowering returning officers above INEC officers in the declaration of election results .

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