NIHSA Seeks More Funds To Mitigate Flooding

23 March 2021 By Georgina Humphrey

As part of efforts to attain food security, the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency, NIHSA has advocated all year round irrigation farming in the country.

Director General of the Agency, Clement Nze made this known in an interview with Radio Nigeria on effective utilization of the nation’s water resources in Abuja.

Mr. Nze explained that there was urgent need to build diversion canals at strategic locations by the banks of existing rivers to check the over two hundred cubic litres of water lost every year in the country.

Mr. Nze appealed for enhanced funding of the Agency to enable it meet its research obligations by making data available for other organizations.

He further said, reliable Hydrological and Meteorological data is needed to address the challenge and protect lives and property.

Following NiMet 2021 seasonal climate predictions which says this year’s rains will be normal above normal, Nze explained that NIHSA was working on data along side other documents to curb it before the onset of flooding in the country.

Speaking on NIMET Prediction, the Director General NIHSA explained that it has started notifying State Governments that would be hit by flooding to put measures in place to mitigate it.

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