Nigerians advocate social justice and equity as the nation marks her 60th Independence.

Speakers at a special sixtieth Independence Anniversary media round-table have called for a change in value system to move the country forward. 

According to them, the value system currently obtainable is not to be relied on to build a strong society.

One of them, Mr Chris Anikwudike said the value system in the country has been affected by issues of social injustice and lack of equity. 

Mr Anikwudike who is a political analyst, explained that Nigerians should be made to see reasons why they should have hope in the nation. 

He maintained that policies and actions of government must be one that is people and development driven to ensure participatory democracy. 

For a social commentator, Mr Peter Kolo, it is imperative for the nation to return to the path of the heroes who fought for her Sovereignty, especially, their selfless dispositions to issues. 

He noted that it was important for the country to build strong institutions rather than strong individuals.

Mr Kolo added that the electoral system must be sanitized to ensure the result of each poll is a reflection of the people wish.

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