Moringa Farmers Solicit More Access To Loans To Boost The Economy

04 June 2021 by Georgina Humphrey

Poverty and hunger have continued to be on the front burner for discourse all over the world.

Developing Nations including Nigeria are faced with a number of challenges regarding nutrition, health and standard of living.

Poverty is a social condition characterized by inadequacy of access to basic human needs for the maintenance of socially acceptable standard of living in a given society.

Poverty has therefore made people in rural communities to adopt various means in the quest for survival.

Moringa oleifera is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree of the family of Moringaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia.

It is also a plant native to Northern India that can also grow in other tropical and sub-tropical places, like Asia and Africa.

Common names include moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree and ben oil tree depending on the area.

it is an important tree in various parts of the world.

Moringa Tree has been of many uses to human race ranging from consumption to domestic use, animal forage, plant manure, bio pesticides as well as ornamental plants.

Its healing properties as evidenced in human health and nutrition made it to be sought for by many people.

Recently stakeholders in the agricultural sector called on the federal government to grant easy access to loans and other facilities that will enhance food production in the country.

They made the call at a forum for farmers in Abuja organized by the Moringa Farmers Association of Nigeria in collaboration with a Commercial Bank, to find ways of solving challenges hindering bumper harvest in Nigeria.

In their submission, some Farmers, Mrs Nancy Lantan and Prof Timothy Abah who maintained that investment in agriculture remained a veritable source of revenue generation for any nation, expressed worry over the inadequate infrastructure as well as good storage facility, which had affected quality farm yield over the years

Another farmer Dr Shuaibu Aremu noted that a plant like Moringa, if given adequate attention has the potential of addressing unemployment, poverty, and other challenges in the country.

Earlier, the National President of the association, Mr Michael Ashimashiga, who said the global demand for Moringa Products had gone high, called for the support of the Federal Government and other stakeholders to establish Moringa Plantation in Nigeria for sustainable economic development.

Over 100 farmers at the event were inducted and supported financially to cultivate Moringa plants to boost the nation’s economy.

2 thoughts on “Moringa Farmers Solicit More Access To Loans To Boost The Economy

  1. What a wonderful development in which farmers are into a great opportunity to reduce poverty in our nation! I am in Lagos Nigeria, l am a farmer on fish farming practicing in my own capacity. I have two plots of land. I love to start soon. Thanks for this enlightenment. Samuel.

  2. I commend the efforts of this body to encourage Moringa farmers. Personally I have been cultivating Moringa for almost 11years although on small scale. Then I had customers that buy off my hand which encourages me. But recently, I can’t see them. Recently I harvested close to 10kilos. I put on Facebook, WhatsApp for interested buyers but till date I can’t dispose already harvested my product. Really discouraging but hope is not lost, though with forming Moringa cooperative body, means that there is hope.

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