MDCN Sanctions Erring Members

09 April 2021 by Florence Adewale

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria has struck out the name of one Dr Sunday Elusoji from its register for conducting himself infamously while attending to one Mr. Uwa Osagie at his private health facility in Benin City.

In a four-count charge, Elusoji, a registered Medical Practitioner and Consultant Surgeon engaged at University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Benin City, Edo State, was found guilty of a three-count charge of malpractice, operating his private clinic while under the employment of the UBTH and pretending to have managed the said patient at the UBTH by issuing a medical report using the letterhead of the UBTH.

The patient had on the 10th of March, 2013, visited the said doctor after sustaining a gunshot injury on his right leg.

The doctor however failed to take an x-ray on the patient to determine the level of damage before he carried out treatment on the patient.

Also, instead of treating the patient in his primary place of employment, he managed the patient at his private clinic.

Delivering his judgment in Abuja, Chairman of the Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, Prof Abba Waziri Hassan, said: “There is no moral justification for an act of malpractice, the respondent ought to know based on his standing in the profession that his action is unethical.

“This count has been established by the prosecution, and it is really so unfortunate that the respondent who is a Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine will engage in such an unprofessional and infamous conduct. The tribunal finds the respondent guilty as charged under this count.

“The tribunal therefore has no difficulty based on the totality of the evidence placed before this tribunal – to find the respondent guilty as charged on count 4. His name is struck off the Register.”

In another case of a three count-charge against one Dr Adolphus Oriaifo, a registered medical practitioner and consultant surgeon at Ajayi Oriaifo Memorial Hospital in Benin City, Edo State, he was found guilty of all the charges.

The Tribunal noted that he was incompetent and grossly negligent in the management of the condition of one Mr Augustine Dike, now deceased, between 17th and 29th of September 2013.

He got a six- month suspension.

Also one Doctor Sulyman Okokori was also suspended for twelve months for mismanaging his patient that led to her death.

Other doctors – Silas Ochejele, Olaide Festus Bolaji, and Adeshina Jenrola were not found guilty in their different case trials.

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