Lawmakers Strengthen Efforts To Combat Climate Change

18 December 2020 By Aisha Adesanya.

A network of legislators in the House of Representatives has held an inaugural meeting on climate change to brainstorm on the issue with a view to stemming and proffering solutions to environmental challenges in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

In his inaugural speech the Chairman of the Climate Parliamentary group, Mr Samuel Onuigbo called on the lawmakers to help strengthen global efforts to combat climate change.

He stated that the idea of a Climate Parliamentary group is to build support for legislators from Africa, the Americas Asia and Europe as the nation fights to combat the devastating effects of climate change globally.

The lawmaker added that the fight against climate change needed to be backed by the political will to take action urgently.

He said: “Every where we turn, we are confronted by the harsh effects of climate change and the reality that if we do not take action now, we might not have a habitable earth in the next fifty years”

Onuigbo noted that the impact of climate change is further seen in the loss of landmass and farmland due to coastal erosion and flooding and other challenges including the drying of the lake Chad river basin.

He also implored on his colleagues to vote for laws and policies that are environmentally friendly in order to support Nigeria’s drive for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Other lawmakers in the group Benjamin Kalu from Abia State and Aisha Dukku from Gombe State also harped on the need for the necessary legislative instruments to tackle the challenges posed by climate change globally.

The Chairman also appointed zonal coordinators for Climate Change in all the six geo-political zones to help in charting a roadmap for tackling climate change in Nigeria.

The parliamentary group Zonal coordinators are Omowumi Ogunlola South-West, Aisha Dukku North-East, Benjamin Kalu South-East, Dagomie Abiante South-South and Shehu Kankale North-West.

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