IPAC Frowns At Incessant Fire Outbreaks At INEC Offices

12 September 2020 By Georgina Humphrey

Former President of the Inter Party Advisory Council, IPAC, Chief Peter Ameh has called for establishment of a National Board of Inquiry to unravel the incessant cases of fire outbreaks before conduct election in States.

Chief Ameh told journalists in Abuja that lack of Inquiry into the remote causes of fire outbreaks would give the perpetrators the opportunity to continue with the crime unabated.

“Do you know what Nigeria lost in that building, the cost of the card readers, the cost of the equipment to be used? If the Government continues to let it go the perpetrators of these crimes would continue to commit it”

“The National board of Inquiry should be saddled with the responsibility of to investigating fire incidents in INEC offices across the Country to build trust among Nigerians”

He explained that as it is at the moment majority of Nigerians believe there is a fraud in the electoral system.

“There is trust deficit, the public think that everytime INEC wants to rig the elections they put fire on these houses”

Chief Ameh urged INEC to work towards replacing the lost equipment before the conduct of the October 10 Governoship election in Ondo State.

Speaking on electoral violence, Ameh who stressed that INEC is not doing enough called for the review of the electoral act to give the electoral umpire a bite of power to call off and call in security forces during elections because curtailing of violence is in the hands of the security agencies.

Chief Ameh therefore
said unbundling of the Commission was necessary to enable it conduct a free, fair and credible elections.

“We need to build a credible, sustainable electoral environment that will represent the true wishes and aspirations of the Nigerian electorates”

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