Inter Ethnic Campaign Against Secession Clamours For Peace, Unity Of Nig

06 July 2021 by KAYODE OYEDARE.

Nigerans have been urged to remain United and resist any divisive campaign against the corporate existence of the country.

Leader of the Inter-Ethnic Campaign Against Secession, Miss Zubaiba Ibrahim gave the advice at the commencement of a nationwide Unity and peace campaign in Abuja.

Miss Ibrahim who identified some unpatriotic politicans as sponsors of the ongoing agitations in some parts of the country appealed to them to place National interest above personal ambition.

While acknowledging the negative effects of the ongoing agitations on socio economic development and peace of the country, Miss Ibrahim appealed to Nigerans to be weary of leaders who promote ethno- religious crises to galvaniz support towards attaining positions of authority.

She also urged leaders at all levels to use the abundant natural resources and agricultural products in each of the regions to Fastrack national development.

According to Miss Ibrahim, Ethnic conflicts had been the bane of Security Challenges, unemployment, inadequate basic amenities , poor health care system, bribery and corruption.

The leader of the group reiterated that the organisation which comprises only women would carry out campaigns against Secession to promote Inter-Ethnic relations, harmony and Peaceful coexistence in all States of the Federation.

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