ILAW Backs Proposed Strike By NLC In Kaduna

15 April 2021 By Georgina Humphrey

The International Lawyers Assisting Workers, ILAW, has condemned in strong terms the sack of workers and the threat by the Kaduna State Goverment to sack more workers soon.

This is contained in a statement signed by the the Country Representative of ILAW, Adesina Oke in Abuja.

The statement describes the conduct of Kaduna government as an affront to law, morality and well-being of the affected workers with grave security implications for the entire country.

It states that the mass sack and proposed sack are defective legally and procedurally in light of the terms and conditions governing their employment and disengagement.

“We are afraid, the motivations of the Kaduna State Goverment are ill-informed, uncharitable, defective and counter-productive” the statement added

It explains that the action violates the labour laws, trivialise the nation’s democracy and invite anarchy especially in the light of the fact that they already disengaged workers who have not been paid their terminal benefits, neither is there any plan to pay those to follow.

“It is an obvious fact that it is not only on these workers that the burden of survival rests but their numerous dependants as well as those whose economic activities and daily subsistence rest on the working class” it stresses.

It stresses that the ILAW is appalled by this level of, insensitivity and lawlessness adding that governments around the world in this Covid-19 era are focused on saving or creating jobs and not destroying existing ones.

The statement therefore urges Mallam El-Rufai to avert his mind to this truth by recalling unfairly sacked workers as well as put on hold further mass sack for the sake of posterity.

It further adds that In pursuance of this, the ILAW is in support of the protest/strike action by the Nigeria Labour Congress in Kaduna State on Monday.

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