Human Rights Lawyer Identifies Marginalization As Bane Of Lack Of Peaceful Coexistence

10 July 2021 By Georgina Humphrey

An Abuja based human rights lawyer, Mr Sunny Anyanwu has attributed the problem threatening peaceful co-existence in the country to marginalization.

Mr. Anyanwu stated this in a chat with Radio Nigeria in Abuja

Mr. Anyanwu identified tolerance and protection of human rights as one of the most effective ways to promote peace in the country.

The legal Practitioner stressed that for peace to strive in any society there was need for tolerance and love in the country, appealed to leaders at all levels to ensure equity and good governance.

He stressed the need for all leaders to come together and work hard to confront the challenges bedeviling the nation..

“So my charge is for eaders to come together irrespective of whatever views they may have and sue for peace.

“We should all be seen to be working together in coming up with a synergy and a template for resolving all of these conflicts.” Mr. Anyanwu satated.

The human rights lawyer who explained that when there are equity and fair play things would naturally fall in place added that what the nation is lacking is justice.

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