HOSTCOM Wants More Commitment By FG To End Gas Flaring

21 February 2021 By James Itodo

Gas flaring host communities producing oil and Gas in Nigeria , Hostcom, has called on the Federal Government for more commitment to urgently end gas flaring in the country.

The President, Chief Benjamin Style Tamanarebi who made the call at a news briefing in Abuja, expressed worry at the inconsistency of government to end gas flaring in the oil and gas producing communities.

He stressed the need for a review of the local regulatory laws to comform with international best practices.

Chief Tamanarebi emphasized the need for provision of gas utilization nodes for the Host communities to enhance their livelihood as well as social advancement .

He insisted that the penalty funds be remitted to the Host communities producing oil and gas.

High Chief Tamanarebi also demanded that the Host communities producing oil and gas be included on the regulatory boards , commissions, Authorities and Agencies for effective implementation of laws and policies.

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