HOR:PDP Caucus Wants Review Of Economic Policies

13 September 2020 by AISHA ADESANYA

The PDP Caucus in the House of Representatives has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to reverse the pump price of petrol and electricity tariff to meet the yearnings of Nigerians and realities of the moment.

The Caucus Chaired by Kingsley Chinda from Rivers State made the call after its 18th virtual meeting, where it reviewed issues of national interest particularly, the recent increase in petrol pump price and electricity tariff.

The caucus which noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had no doubt inflicted hardship globally, stressed the need for the Federal Government to revert the prices and come up with people oriented initiatives that would open new frontiers, reduce tax burdens on the citizens and stimulate the economy thereby cushioning the effects of the pandemic.

The lawmakers who further pointed out that the review in electricity tariffs and petrol prices do not
commensurate with the current minimum wage of said the increments were made without due consultations or engagements with Stakeholders.

On the issue of insecurity, the caucus while decrying the spike across the country, called on the President to bring to fulfilment his promises to ensure that no force external or internal, occupies any part of the country under his watch.

On the economy, the Caucus also urged the President to review his strategies in view of the present realities as
the effect of the present economic policies have affected even the most basic food items and services in the market.

The caucus while calling for the revamping of the Nation’s refineries for optimal performance before the removal of subsidy, urged the Federal Government to put on hold further implementation of the 7.5% VAT increase to allow Nigerians recover from the effects of the COVIC- 19 pandemic.

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