HOR Debunks Rumors It Tampered With Electoral Amendment Bill

09 July 2021 by Aisha Adesanya

The Spokesman for the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu says the electoral amendment bill will be laid before the House on the thirteenth of July 13 2021

The lawmaker stated this while addressing newsmen on speculations that the Electoral Amendment Bill had been tampered with by Members of the committee.

Kalu who noted that every Bill must go through the entire Legislative process before it would be considered, described as unfair for the House ro be judged on mere speculations.

The lawmaker while ackwnowleding the rights of every Nigerian to ask questions and express their opinion, stressed the need for Nigerians to seek facts at all times.

On the issue of Petroluem Industry Bill, the Spokesman of the House said there was nothing self- serving in the laws made by the National Assembly as the Parlimanent remained committed to enacting laws that would reflect the wishes of Nigerians.


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