HOR : Bill To Establish Admiralty University Passes 2nd Reading

9 June 2021 By Aisha Adesanya

Bill to Establish Admiralty University of Nigeria, Ibusa passes second reading in the House Of Representatives.

The House of Representatives has passed for second reading a bill seeking to make the Nigeria Navy University known as Admiralty University a conventional university.

Leading the debate the sponsor of the bill, Yusuf Adamu Gagdi said the passage of the bill into law will grant the institution full legal status to operate without any hinderance.

He explained that the bill seeks to establish the Admiralty University of Nigeria, Ibusa as a conventional university with selected programmes, limited and focused faculties to promote scholarship, research and other means of advancement of knowledge and its practical application to military hardware and software, and also provide opportunity of acquiring a higher and liberal education in Nigeria.

The lawmaker added that the University will offer courses in military policy, logistics and strategy, basic and applied sciences and arts, engineering, environmental and social sciences, education, agriculture, medical sciences, and any other fields of study approved by the Senate of the University.

He said the institution would also provide special training courses leading to university distinctions or not for such persons as may be prescribed, conduct research in any field as may be prescribed or directed, arrange conferences, seminars, workshops and perform any other function as may be conferred on it by Statutes.

According to him the objective is to provide facilities for learning and give instruction and training in such branches of knowledge as the University may desire in order to ensure that students obtain the advantage of a higher and liberal education.

Gagdi noted that it would also promote research and other means of advancement of knowledge and equally encourage and promote scholarship and conduct research in selected fields of learning and human endeavour including entrepreneurship skills, enhance the diffusion of knowledge throughout Nigeria in general and the Nigerian Army in particular; and undertake other activities appropriate for a university.

He appealed to the lawmakers to speedily pass the law establishing the institution which is already in operation, having been granted a license by the National Universities Commission.

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