Guests On KFM Current Affairs Prog Task Nigs On Patriotism

8 February 202 By Georgina Humphrey

Guests on “Perspective” a Kapital FM Current Affairs program say Nigerians must be patriotic for peace to reign in the country.

They made this assertion while featuring on the programme today in Abuja.

One of the guests, the Programme manager of YIAGA AFRICA in Nigeria, Mr. Paul James explained that citizens of the nation must live in unity notwithstanding the diversity in culture, religion and language.

He advised Nigerians to shun bigotry and embrace the spirit of patriotism for peace to reign in the country.

“Nigerians must at every opportunity insist that every great multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation has, through thick and thin, fought to realize the great dividends of diversity and pluralism,” he said.

“The struggle to ensure a more perfect federation is a lifelong enterprise to which each generation must resolutely commit.”

He explained further that the unity of the nation would be a mark of honour for the sacrifice of people who fought to preserve the nation.

According to him, the government should always organize a forum to educate the citizens on the need to live peaceful.

Another guest on the programme, A conflict resolution expert, Mr. Samuel Yakubu was of the opinion that government should rebuild the confidence of people by making sure citizens have justice once there is conflict.

Mr Yakubu called on schools and parents to merge socialization and parental upbringing to open up the minds of children on ways to live peaceful irrespective of religion and culture.

The guests who appealed to parents to inculcate morals in their children and wards also urged government to promote issues on National unity and peaceful co-existence.

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