Guests On KFM Current Affairs Prog Call For More Intervention Progs To Check Youth Restiveness

23 February 2021 By Georgina Humphrey

Government at all levels have been urged to adopt measures to curb social vices and youth restiveness across the country.

A Security Expert and guest on “Perspectives” a Kapital FM Current Affairs Programme, Usman Baba-Abdulmalik made the call while speaking on the the topic ” Youth Restiveness a Threat to National Development” in Abuja.

Mr. Abdulmalik described lack of political will, poverty, unemployment, marginalization and illiteracy as some of the major factors responsible for youth restiveness in the society

He added that engaging youths on various vocational skills acquisition programmes would reduce violence and crime rate across the nation.

Mr Abdulmalik urged the present administration to do more towards making its intervention programmes reliable and accessible to all Nigerians.

Another guest on the programme, a Youths Activist, Abdullahi Haruna called on government at all levels to as a matter of urgency address the issue of social injustice on the youths for them to be relevant in the development of the country.

The youth activist maintaied that governance is not about biro and paper but creating programmes for Industrialization and good governance especially at the grassroots to mitigate youth restiveness.

He also described nepotism and favoritism as huge challenges confronting the nation whereby unqualified people occupy positions of authority at the expense of the qualified jobless youths.

Mr Haruna who said no government in the world can satisfy her citizens also called for fair sharing to make youths productive and not destructive.

The guests therefore advised the three tiers of government to make swift moves towards creating job opportunities to prevent Nigerian youths from embarking on agitations that may consume the nation.

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