Guests On KFM Breakfast Show Push For Inclusive Governance

15 June 2021 by JULIAN/VICTORIA.

Guests on Kapital Fm Day Break Show, a Current Affairs Program, have advocated for more engagement of Nigerians in governance to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

The Executive Director of a Civil Society Organization, Peering Advocacy And Advancement Center in Africa PAACA, Mr Ezenwa Nwagwu who made the call during the program, said it would ensure that citizens have better understanding of government policies and projects.

Reacting to the agitations by Nigerians for a Unicameral legislature, Mr Nwagwu explained that achieving success in democracy does not lie on the system, but on how to reduce the running cost in governance to meet the needs and expectations of the masses.

Mr Nwagwu while highlighting some of the differences between Unicameral and Bicameral system of government, emphasized that Unicameral legislature does not encourage participation of the citizens.

Some callers on the program, Mr Omahi David expressed support for Unicameral system of government, while Mr Timothy Orji said the problem of the country was not in administration but on the leadership style.

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