G7: UK & US Strengthen Ties

11 June 2021 Source BBC

The United Kindom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson says the alliance between the US and the UK should be known as the “indestructible relationship.

The PM stated this after meeting US President Joe Biden for the first time.

He said he had “terrific” talks with Mr Biden, who has travelled to Cornwall for the G7 summit of world leaders.

The summit begins later, with vaccines and climate change on the agenda.

Report says the summit will see the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the US and UK gathering in person for the first time since the pandemic.

According to the report, ahead of the meeting, Mr Johnson had pledged the UK would donate more than 100 million vaccines to poorer countries in the next year, while Mr Biden promised 500 million doses of Pfizer vaccines to 92 low and middle-income countries and the African Union.

The G7 nations are expected to collectively agree to provide a billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine in an effort to end the pandemic in 2022.

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