Former Presidential Candidate Of PPA Describes Electronic Voting As Key To Credible Elections

04 July 2021 By Georgina Humphrey

A Former Presidential Candidate of the Progressive People Alliance, PPA, Chief Peter Ojonugwa-Ameh has described electronic transmission of election results as the key to transparent, credible, free and fair elections.

A statement signed by him in Abuja states that It is important to use electronic transmission to enable Nigerians have confidence in the system again.

It adds that the major problem confronting the electoral process is the way Nigerians view elections and active participation in politics.

“Our indifference as a people in relation to how we view elections and issues of Political participation is our major problem” Chief Ameh stated.

The statement attributes some of the issues militating against transmission of election results electronically as been driven by Political bais adding that it is time to fix the problem before it becomes too late.

‘We must always work for posterity instead of protecting our selfish interests” Chief Ameh stressed.

The statement therefore stresses that Electronic transmission of election results will put an end to Electoral manipulations in Nigeria.

It states that Nigeria need this particular clause to become a reality in order to make sure that the outcome of Elections reflect the true wishes of the Nigeria people.

It will put an end to ballot box snatching, ballot stuffing, forgery of election result and presentation of fake election result while thuggery will die a natural death.

According to Chief Ameh Continous voter registration will have no advantage if the new electoral act does not come with electronic transmission adding that Nigerians need to mount pressure on the National Assembly over the issues of Electronic transmission of election result.

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