FCTA: Misconduct By Dispatch Riders Will No Longer Be Tolerated

07 January 2021 By Remi Johnson

The FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Services, popularly known as V.I.O, has arrested over 50 dispatch riders within two days in the city center for violating traffic rules.

Director, Directorate of the Service, Mr Wadata Bodinga, made this known to Journalists in Abuja.

The V.I.O Director who said driving against traffic was a serious offence explained that the Directorate had received series of complaints on the recklessness of the riders.

Mr Bodinga noted that the number of dispatch riders had increased in the wake of the COVID 19 Pandemic in the FCT and warned that the gross misconduct of the dispatch riders would no longer be tolerated.

Mr Bodinga while calling on other road users to obey traffic rules to avoid sanctions, hinted that all those caught in the act of beating traffic would be sent for psychiatric test; after which they will be made to appear before the Mobile Magistrate Court.

“… all the people arrested for following one-way and those beating traffic will go for emotional evaluation at a recognised hospital in the FCT…traffic rules and regulations must be respected in the city… they will equally come for two weeks compulsory training with a formal letter from their various companies and organisations.” Bodinga Said.

Also Speaking, the Chairman, FCT Ministerial Taskforce On Traffic Management, Comrade Ikharo Attah expressed the FCT Minister’s concern over the manner the dispatch riders were abusing the privilege given them to operate.

” They break traffic laws regularly and it has become a source of worry to the FCT Minister…They will be going through Psychiatric test to ascertain if they are normal, because if something is not wrong with them…then they must be made to comply.” Attah said.

Comrade Attah commended the VIO Directorate for clamping down on the violators, adding that it would serve as deterrent to other road users.

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