FCT Pilgrims Welfare Board Adopts Stiffer Penalty For Abscondees

10 September 2020 By Georgina Humphrey

The Federal Capital Territory Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board says it has commenced sensitization of intending pilgrims for the end of the year pilgrimage.

The Director of the board, Mr John Dabara-Audu made this known during an interview with Radio Nigeria in Abuja

He said the sensitization was to familiarize the pilgrims with the new steps the board is taking to ensure more people from the FCT participate in the pilgrimage to the holy land.

On the issue of abscondment, Mr. Dabara-Audu who frowned at it added that the board had zero tolerance for abscondment and as such guarantors of any pilgrim who absconded would be fined seven million naira.

The Director said that in the face of dwindling revenue, and stopage of government sponsorship since year 2015 the board is working out ways to be self-sustaining and appealed to wealthy individuals, corporate organizations and religious institutions for sponsorship to enable the less privileged perform the pilgrimage.

Mr Dabara-Audu said pilgrims who paid for the April edition but could not go would be included in the new exercise.

He explained that the Board has commenced the sales of forms for intending pilgrims to the Israel, Rome and Greece.

“There are four editions of pilgrimages. We have March/April edition, which
takes participants to Israel and Rome, the second edition is July-Youth pilgrimages.this also takes participants to Israel and Greece, the third edition of the pilgrimage which is scheduled for August and called family Pilgrimage, only takes participants to Israel.

“The fourth edition is the October/December regular pilgrimage but the Covid-19 pandemic had affected the pilgrimage calendar” Dabara added.

“The number one benefit of the Christian pilgrimage is Spiritual re-enforcement, rebirth and transformation”

“Pilgrimage to holy land will produce human beings acceptable in character, which is what Nigeria needs now, especially, in-view of the on-going change agenda of President Buhari’s Government.”

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