Faith Based Organization Advocates Re-orientation Programmes To Check Gender Violence.

18 August 2020 by Chinkata Chikezie

Gender-Balancing advocates have called for re-orientation programmes to check cultural based issues that have encouraged gender violence .

They made the call at a special Gender- Based forum in Abuja.

Speaking at the forum an educationist Miss Blessing Okpulor attributed most gender-based violence to insensitivity on the part of the men towards the women folk.

Miss Okpulor explained that some men were brought up with the notion that their opinions were sacrosanct, hence it was viewed as a taboo for any woman to challenge it.

She argued that such development had resulted to unending family disputes as well as violence against women.

Miss Okpulor therefore advocated re-orientation Campaign that would focus on enlightening the men on various aspects women were helpful and had been helpful in the development of the society.
Another Speaker at the forum Mrs. Esther Ishaya of the Adventist Women Organization regreted that the high-handedness posture of men in family and other societal affairs had contributed to marital crisis experienced in some homes today.

Mrs Ishaya who also was of the opinion that such men needed to change their ways, noted that it was only in theory that men claimed to carry along their spouses in family affairs but in reality most of them keep heartbreaking secrets.

She said that such attitude instead of enhancing the development of homes had rather caused wastages and unnecessary friction.

The speakers all appealed that expressed their desire for a programme that would promote a gender violence-free society

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