Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict: Street Celebrations As Rebels Seize Capital

29 June 2021 Source BBC

Rebel forces in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region have retaken its capital, Mekelle, sparking street celebrations and forcing officials to flee.

Residents reported scenes of joy, with fireworks and thousands waving flags.

Report says the government, which took Mekelle in November after rebels rejected political reforms and captured army bases, has now called a “humanitarian ceasefire” in the region.

According to the report fighting has left thousands dead and has pushed 350,000 towards famine.

There had been recent reports of renewed fighting between fighters of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and government forces outside Mekelle.

But a rapid offensive on Monday led to the unexpected recapture of the city by the rebels, in what marks a possible turning point in the bitter conflict.

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