COVID-19 Taskforce Closes Recreational Parks

25 December 2020 by Remi Johnson

Following the decision to shut down any recreational center that violates the COVID 19 protocols, the Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA on Christmas day turned back fun seekers who had trooped into the parks for the Christmas celebration.

Some of the parks where fun seekers were sent out by the FCT Ministerial Enforcement Taskforce on COVID-19 Restrictions include the popular Millennium Park, Jabi Lake, Unity Fountain and Magic Land.

Even though the gates at the Jabi Lake were closed, some anxious fun seekers made their way into the park through some porous entry points.

On the arrival of the Taskforce, some of the fun seekers fled for fear of being arrested, but the Taskfirce sensitised others on the need to adhere to the safety regulations.

Head, Media and Enlightenment of the taskforce, Mr Ikharo Attah who addressed the fun seekers told them that the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic seems deadlier hence the need for residents to comply to the government directive.

His words:”We know you all want to enjoy Christmas but you can do it at home. We plead for your understanding on this matter. We don’t want to hurt anybody, but we have a duty to save residents from contracting the virus”, he explained.

Addressing journalists after shutting down the Magic Land park by the Abuja City Gate, Comrade Attah empathised with the residents but said there would be more celebrations in the future if they abide by the safety protocols.

He said; “We are truly pained doing this on this day but we have the responsibility to save lives and protect FCT residents from contracting COVID-19. We see in large numbers, children who have come to these recreation centres to have the best of Christmas. They look obviously unhappy and we are feeling their pains and disappointmentThere will be many Christmas, but please, let us not for this Christmas ruin many more to come.”

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