Cleric Wants Christians To Shun Indolence To Achieve Purpose

17 January 2021 By Georgina Humphrey

The Senior Pastor of Help From Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide, HFA, Pastor Godwin Ube wants Christians not to be lazy but always task their intellectual faculty towards innovation and proferring solutions beneficial to the society.

Pastor Ube made the call in today’s Sunday Service while speaking on what he tagged “The Dangers of Laziness from the book of Proverb chapter 19 verse 15.

He explained that Laziness not only leads to poverty and other social or financial problems, but it could also lead to an unhealthy life.

‘A person who is lazy and has a nonchalant attitude to work will end up living in frustration. You need to always have a positive attitude, effective time management and be a wise planner. Ube stressed

The Senior Pastor of HFA said man’s greatest challenge is not intellectual bankruptcy but laziness.

Ube also said the ability to proffer solutions is independent of man’s biological configuration, and it should be applicable this year for destiny fulfilment.

“Everywhere I go in Nigeria today, everybody continues to complain that things are not working; but who will start to make things work and when?” Ube asked.

“That person is you and that time is now, so this year we should do things that will incite us into thinking solutions and not being lazy.

Pastor Ube urged Christians to avoide begging, gossip but rather face the things of God properly by reading the bible to have divine inspiration on what to do to avert laziness and poverty.

“Today, it is thinkers that rule the world and we should be development-oriented in things we do adding that Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger “Proverbs 19:15”

Pastor Ube further explained that Victory does not belong to the lazy; victory belongs only to the strong and the audacious.

In the previous days we saw what idleness did to David, the King of Israel. He was idle at home when he was supposed to go to battle as other kings, and that led him into committing immorality with Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife. We also saw that idleness is the doorway to unrighteousness.

I would like you to take note of the following about indolence and laziness:
i) Indolence, laziness or idleness is the doorway to bondage.

Captivity will never break for the idle man; bondage will never break for the lazy man; oppression will never go away from the indolent.

The devil tempts everybody but an idle man tempts the devil. To sit at home waiting for a job instead of doing what you find to do is a waste of life.

He added that a man of great potential will become useless in a short time because of the refusal to do anything; his life is not profitable to himself, God or the people around him.

My counsel is, avoid the lifestyle of idleness. Do what is available for you to do instead of waiting for what to do.

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