Cleric Wants Christians To Embrace Holiness And Fulfill Destiny

23 August 2020 By Georgina Humphrey

Christians have been advised to always examine themselves when challenges arise to find the missing link between them and God.

The Senior Pastor of Help From Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide, HFA, Pastor Godwin Ube gave the advice today during the Sunday service in Abuja.

Speaking from the book of Mattew chapter 13 verse 1-8 on what he tagged ” Restoration of lost glory” he stressed that most people accuse God in difficult times rather than finding out what happened to their divine glory.

He explained that everyone is created with a wonderful destiny by God but sin brought a separation between us and God

Pastor Ube urged Christians to seek God always to enable them fulfill their destinies.

“Every man that God created and is born of a woman is created for the glory of God, the glory is for a purpose as some will be musicians, builders, engineers, managers administrators and so on”

If something happens to that glory, one can not fulfill destiny, please God or make impact.

It is your destiny that guides you through your purpose, it is your destiny that helps you discover yourself and your purpose. Some started singing from a very young age and today they have become household names.

Your destiny is who you will become or who you’re destined to be, whether it’s a scientist or a banker or an architect and your glory determines the height you will attain.

If something happens to your glory you may not get anywhere as the enemy trades on peoples’ glory and destiny.

“Many have lost their glory through food, wrong association, evil money, spells, sex, spirit spouses, sorcery and magic, curses,, divination, among others

Your glory and destiny can be restored. You are created for a purpose and you need to achieve that purpose and please, satisfy your creator. Ube appealed.

Pastor Ube also explained that many Christians are unable to fulfill their destinies because it has been stolen, buried, exchanged, diverted or detained by enemies.

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