Cleric Tasks Christians On Holiness

04 October 2020 By Georgina Humphrey

Christians have been advised to practice righteousness in all ramifications of life to avoid the judgment of God.

The Senior Pastor of Help From Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide, Godwin Ube gave the advice in his Sunday sermon in Abuja.

Pastor Ube speaking on what he tagged “Great White Throne Judgment” from the book of Revelations chapter 4 verses 5-6 appealed to Christians to evaluate their lives daily to conform with the scripture.

The Senior Pastor who explained that God records the daily activities of everyone stressed that no one irrespective of position can bribe God to escape his judgment.

“Where the righteousness of God is declared, His glory is seen, You cannot see righteousness and not see the glory.

The Scriptures establish a very strong connection between righteousness and the Glory, When your righteousness is visible, the Glory is visible.

The habitation of holiness is also the habitation of Glory,
Anywhere holiness can be found, Glory can be found, The availability of holiness is the establishment of righteousness.

Pastor Ube said Righteousness or holiness is the essential nature of God and where the nature of God is found, the Glory abound If you can uphold the nature of God in character, you won’t beg for the Glory.

Righteousness or holiness guarantees existence in God’s Presence and God’s Presence is the depot of Glory, You live with God if you uphold righteousness and living with God ensures you are soaked in Glory.

Righteousness is taking a stand for right irrespective of who is taking the opposite stand, It is standing for what is right even if it means standing alone.

Righteousness is living by the principles of God rather than the principles or standards of the world,It is living by the rules of the Kingdom of God and not by the rules of the systems of the earth

“Righteousness is living in the fear and reverence of God, You allow the fear of God to guide your steps or actions” Pastor Ube added.

Righteousness is living with the God-first mindset, It is allowing God to have the first place and the final say on all issues pertaining to your life on earth.

You don’t have to compromise to get favour; there is favour you get by character and integrity, Righteousness establishes people in the Presence of God and the Presence of God positions people on the throne.

Upright living keeps you in the Presence of God and the Presence of God positions you on the throne, When God is with you, He takes you to places of relevance and influence.

Pastor Ube therefore advised Christians not to struggle too much to know many people but struggle to know God. When you know God, He will make the right people to know you.

“In the same measure that righteousness enthrones, unrighteousness dethrones”

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