Cleric Calls For Fervent Prayers To Overcome COVID-19

16 August 2020 by Georgina Humphrey

The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide, MFM, Dr. Daniel Olukoya has urged Christians to use this COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to get closer to God in prayers and studying the bible.

Dr. Olukoya stated this today during his Sunday sermon online while speaking on what he tagged ” The tragedy of wasted or missed opportunities”.

He described this period of the pandemic as the right time for Christians to be on fire for God in order not to miss out on the lessons God packaged to be learnt during this period.

Dr. Olukoya who encouraged Christians to take every opportunity as God’s gift upon their lives urged them to use this period to fast and cry out to God for divine intervention.

“Looking at the life of Joshua, you will see the agony of years exhausted but unfinished task, the agony of an open heaven that was wasted.

God has given you an opportunity to do something in your generation, but it can be wasted or diverted such that God’s own result is not achieved. it is important for you to plead for grace not to waste your opportunity.

For Joshua, God gave him an uncontested, unlimited opportunity to do something for Him and to cause His will to be done.

God sent the hailstones and made the sun to stand still for him yet he did not maximise it, to the extent that at the later end of his life, God has to announced to him that he is old yet there are still very much land to posses”

Dr. Olukoya stressed that God has given to each of us the opportunity, in varying degrees, to give glory to His name through our spiritual gifts and abiities but many of us have wasted and lost the opportunity.

Your cry should be, oh God, don’t let it be that at my old age, when my useful years has finished you then begin to show me what I should have done that I didn’t do.

You may be doing something in God’s name but have you heard God’s verdict? The gift that God deposited in you, and the sword He kept in your hand, what have you accomplished with them?

Dr. Olukoya therefore appealed to Christians to live holy lives adding that one grave consequence of sin is the loss of one’s privileges and opportunities in life.

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