Cleric Advises Christians To Engage In Charity

16 August 2020 By Georgina Humphrey

The Senior Pastor of Help from Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide, HFA, Pastor Godwin Ube wants Christians to imbibe the virtue of giving.

Pastor Ube made the call in Abuja today while preaching on the topic, ” The power of Charity”.
The Cleric who took his text from the book of Acts chapter 9 verse 36 explained that both the rich and the poor have something to give at any time.

“Waiting for convenience to give is getting deeper in poverty without knowing, Just as a farmer sows his seeds into the ground not because it is convenient but necessary in anticipation for a better tomorrow, so is giving never to be done in convenience but out of necessity.

“The best offering to give is one that is inconvenient, that is what is described as sacrifice”

The HFA Senior Pastor who stressed that no matter the situation in the life of a Christian there is someone he or she is better than appealed to Christians to always practice charity.

“Giving must be done in love: The love of God in the heart of a man is the greatest motivation for giving, Give with a heart free of offence: Bitterness destroys the life of a seed, Give willingly and excitedly.

“Often times , there are so many things believers want to do, but the grace to do them is not there, there are so many spiritual things that yields result that believers want to engage, but the grace of engagement is not just there, such is Giving” Pastor Ube added.

“Giving is the gate way to Fulfilment of Destiny, it is one of the major secrets of the kingdom.

Pastor Ube therefore advised Christians to always do good adding that givers never lack.

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