Cleric Admonishes Christians To Build Godly Homes

11 October 2020 By Georgina Humphrey

The Senior Pastor of Help From Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry Worldwide, HFA, Pastor Godwin Ube wants Christians to build godly homes.

Pastor Ube made the call during the Sunday Church service in Abuja.

Speaking on what he tagged ” twelve rules for a happy home” from Proverb chapter 12 verse 22, Pastor Ube stressed that couples shouldn’t use their Weaknesses against themselves but rather proffer solutions to issues and forge ahead.

He stressed the need for couples to be honest, forgive and bear each other’s burdens as well as always count their blessings irrespective of any situation.

“Forgiveness is a recognition that no one is perfect, that everyone is bound to make mistakes, So a happy family is where forgiveness is extended” 

Forgiveness means, “I am hurt, but let’s start over….”  It is acceptance. Forgiveness means another chance.

“When you are wrong ask forgiveness.  Learn to accept fault when you are at fault.

When you are right extend forgiveness, Never abuse the forgiveness of your family.

He urged couples not to prolong anger but extend forgiveness at the first sign of repentance.

Do not keep a record of wrongs, If you tame wrongs, a time will come when they would break out and do more damage.

Let the past remain in the past, Do not raise the dead.  Forgive and Forget, this means that what has been forgiven must not become an issue again.

We need to bring back the practice of showing respect in our homes if we want to have happier families!Respect family member’s Privacy give much, expect less.

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