Christians Urged To Seek God And Fulfill Destiny.

30 August 2020 By Georgina Humphrey

The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries Worldwide, Dr Daniel Olukoya wants Christians to seek God to be able to fulfill their destinies.

Dr. Olukoya made the call in his Sunday sermon via social media on the topic,
” The school of Destiny” from 1st Peter 5- 8.

He described life without purpose as wasted destiny.

Dr. Olukoya also explained that anyone who missed his or her destiny is living an experimental life.

“As children of God, we should be committed to effective and tireless training if we must see our glorious destinies fulfilled.

He stressed that training, mean engaging ‘the know-how factor’ in our field of endeavours. 

“People have great visions but they lack the know-how. However, it is the know-how that drives our vision to fulfilment”

According to him, It is also important to recognise that our impact in life depends on the training we have acquired over time. For instance, I studied medicine but when Jesus called me into ministry, I had to train myself for it because I had seen a professor fail in ministry.

Dr. Olukoya therefore appealed to Christians to understand that schooling is not the same thing as training, Schooling is periodic but training is for life.

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