China’s Interest In Afghanistan Could Be ‘Positive’ – US Sec Of State

29 July 2021 Source BBC

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said China’s possible involvement in Afghanistan could be “a positive thing”.

His comments came after Taliban representatives visited China.

China said it saw the Taliban playing an important role in the peace process and rebuilding of Afghanistan.

Mr. Blinken urged the Taliban to come to the “negotiating table… peacefully”.

Nine Taliban representatives had on Wednesday travelled to Tianjin for the talks.

In a tweet, the Taliban spokesperson said China had “reiterated its commitment of continuation of their assistance with Afghans and said they will not interfere in Afghanistan’s issues but will help to solve the problems and restoration of peace in the country.”

In a statement, China’s foreign ministry said it would pursue a policy of “non-interference” in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

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