Censorship Of Social Media Will Check Cybercrimes – OLUGBILE

16 June 2021 by JULIAN/VICTORIA

The Federal Government has been advised to introduce a constructive regulatory system that will check fake news and other activities of Social Media users in the country.

Member, Presidential Review Committee on National Cyber Security Strategy, Mr Segun Olugbile gave the advise while featuring on DayBreak Show, a Kapital Current Affairs Program in Abuja.

While stating that every Social Media information has a source, Mr Olugbile, emphasized that the integrity of such a source must be identified and clearly defined as safe for use.

Mr. Olugbile who explained that the negative impacts of Social Media are overwhelming to its users, also pointed out that the gains of the platform were enormous especially during the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe.

Speaking on the recent Twitter suspension by the Federal Government, Mr Olugbile, appealed that government apply caution in dealing with foreign organizations to avoid incurring global implication that might affect foreign business transactions in the country.

Mr Segun Olugbile added that censorship of social media was possible to check cybercrime, but must be built on national principles.

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