CAN Describes Sheikh Gumi’s Statement As Divisive

4 March 2021 By Georgina Humphrey

The Christian Association of Nigeria has asked an Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, to withdraw his statement accusing some soldiers of engaging in criminalities.

A statement signed by the CAN General Secretary, Joseph Bade Daramola, says the cleric’s statement could lead to division in the country.

The religious body expressed displeasure over President Muhammadu Buhari’s silence on the comment by the cleric.

The organisation alleged that “Buhari’s prolonged silence is tantamount to an endorsement of Gumi’s dangerous statement”.

“We call on Gumi to immediately withdraw the unpatriotic and divisive utterances credited to him in the interest of peace and unity of this country.

“If anyone said it was the Christian soldiers who are attacking armed bandits, that person does not wish this country well and he doesn’t want the war against terrorism and banditry to end in victory.

“How can we ascertain the credibility of the person alleging that it was the Christian soldiers that were attacking communities and bandits” Daramola added.

The statement stresses that this unreasonable outburst is not only demoralizing and a plot to divide the Nigerian military along religious lines, equally portrays non-Christian soldiers as not being committed to fighting criminality.

“We still want to believe that Sheik Gumi was quoted out of context. But if it was true, then, the unity and peace of the country are being threatened by the sentimental statement of this cleric.

It describes the dangerous statement as evil, divisive, unpatriotic, an ill-wind, and reprehensible.

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