Agricultural Expert Advocates More Incentives For Farmers To Increase Yield

30 March 2021 By Georgina Humphrey.

An Agricultural Expert, Mr Retson Tedtheke has stressed the need for more infrastructure in rural areas to boost agricultural production across the country.

He stated this while featuring on “Perspectives” a Kapital FM Current Affairs Programme in Abuja.
Mr Tedtheke maintained that building of dams and roads would assist farmers in their irrigation activities and transportation of farm produce to the market.

The agricultural expert also identified modern techniques of faming as a way of improving income for small scale farmers and the growth of the nation’s economy.

Another guest, on the programme who is an Economist, Mr. Tope Fasua urged all relevant agencies in the Agricultural sector to assist farmers in land clearing, provision of improved seedlings, early distribution of fertilizer working implements and managing harvest loss.

He also said for Nigeria to achieve meaningful development in efforts to diversify the economy there was need for effective policies to give farmers the desired support especially security.

Earlier, a caller on the programme Mr Thomas Iguela called on government at all levels to provide more support like soft loans to rural farmers to enhance agricultural productivity in the country.

According to him if the soft loans were made available to small scale farmers it would not only enhance food security but create more Employment opportunities for the unemployed.

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