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Osinbajo Eulogises Queen Elizabeth, Wishes King Charles Success

The coming together of leaders to celebrate the life of late Queen Elizabeth II and attend her funeral is a show of solidarity and goodwill by people from around the world.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo stated this on Monday in London during a media chat with journalists after attending the Funeral Service of the late Queen of England at Westminster Abbey.

According to the Vice President, “for countries like ours, for Nigeria and the Commonwealth, this has been very ennobling, very strengthening.

“I am sure that King Charles felt not just the honour of having so many people come by, but also the reassurance that there is a brotherhood across the world and that the Commonwealth remains strong, a Commonwealth of free nations who willingly subscribe to coming together, to work together to achieve sometimes disparate political objectives but clear economic objectives.”

Speaking about the significance of the event, the VP said “it is a historic event and one that is unlikely to happen, perhaps in another lifetime, just the sheer enormity of all that has happened and the gathering of leaders from everywhere, the goodwill, the good wishes, and all of that from practically everywhere around the world.”

“So, I think that this has truly been a testament to the sort of person the Queen was – in life and death, brought people together and perhaps even more so in death,” the VP added.

The Vice President then prayed for a successful reign for King Charles lll, noting that “one wishes King Charles very well indeed, and I think we are all anxious that he succeeds.

“And that he perhaps does even better than his mother, which is the hope of his mum. I am sure that the Queen will hope that all her successors and in this case King Charles lll do better than she did. “We are all looking forward to a wonderful reign, a reign that will bring prosperity, peace, not just to England, but to the Commonwealth and all of us.”

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