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Canada Police Clears Bridge After Six Days Protest

A police raid has finally put an end to the bridge blockade at Windsor, Ontario, with the reopening for traffic on Sunday night after a six-day protest.

This followed a tentative deal struck to relocate the protest.

“I was hoping it wasn’t going to end like this, I was hoping the police would allow us to continue to peacefully protest,” Tyler Kok told the BBC as he left the site.

The officers arrived in a bus load on Sunday morning – in balaclavas and carrying long guns, ready to oust the last few protesters blocking the roads leading to the Ambassador Bridge.

A week-long stalemate was about to come to an end.

About 100 vehicles had been parked along a 2km (1.25 miles) stretch of the road for days on end.

There were pickups, SUVs and even a dog-grooming van, festooned with Canadian flags, anti-vaccination slogans and anti-Trudeau epithets, as well as some heavy commercial trucks.

The people were a mix of evangelical Christians, anti-mask mums, vaccine sceptics and local residents who are tired of lockdowns and vaccine passports.

The Freedom Convoy, as it’s been called, began as a protest against a mandate requiring truckers who cross the US-Canada border to be vaccinated against Covid.

The group is not united by any one occupation – rather, they share a distrust of vaccines, a concern for government overreach and a general dislike of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


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