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Why Did They Pump Her With Dexamethasone? – Keren’s Mum Speaks

“I named my daughter Keren-Happuch, which means God has filled my cup, but Premiere Academy, Lugbe took the cup emptied the water, and broke the cup. The cup I gave to Premiere Academy was full, they returned to me empty and broken. This is too much to take. My heart is in turmoil”, word of Mrs. Vivian Akpagher from the media archives as quoted by THISDAY Newspaper on July 21st, 2021.

Keren-Happuch is the 14-year-old girl who died from a Sepsis complication and the autopsy result revealed anal penetration as well as a used and contaminated condom with sperms in it.

Premiere Academy Lugbe, has pushed back on allegations of sexual harassment that led to the death of the 14-year-old SS1 student. The then Acting Principal of the School, Mr. Christopher Akinsowon, in a statement said the school had zero-tolerance for sexual harassment of any kind, whether verbal or physical, as well as in-campus misconduct.

We caught up with her mother Mrs. Vivian Vihimga Akpagher and below was our conversation with her.

Where are we with the case as of today January 22nd?

The Nigerian Police are still investigating it. It has not been charged to court yet.
I wish it were a lot faster. I need closure: as it stands today, We have not buried Keren yet. Not knowing what happened to Keren is unsettling.
I believe that the Gender Unit of the FCIID headed by DCP Margaret is capable to give Dido justice.

Apart from Premier Academy who else do you require support from, to see this case move fast and fairly?
I require support from many people, establishments, groups of people, individuals, many. Ministries of Education, Women Affairs, FCT, House of Representatives (who are already supporting), Senate, and the Presidency- she was Nigerian, a citizen: her death should be investigated. I need support from the media, CSOs, Human Rights defenders, well-meaning Nigerians, what happens to one person, happens to us all.

Premier Academy released a video showing that Keren was strong a d agile while she left the school premises. And so for the., the family should answer more questions. What could have happened so fast to deteriorate her condition?

I have never said Keren could not walk on 19/6/21. Let’s have videos of 15 & 16/6/21, that’s when she couldn’t walk. Furthermore, let’s have videos of 23/05 when I dropped her after Salah and compare her gait with the video they are putting out there. There are these questions we have been asking them and well-meaning Nigerians and human rights defenders continue to demand this.
The school should give us these particular answers. It’s questionable.

Keren-Happuch Akpagher

I understand the nurse that attended to Keren on that ill-fated day left the school? What do you make about that?
Yes, and this is part of what I am asking, you don’t overdose a child with dexamethasone and leave after her death. It has to be investigated. Nurse Lois Bung gave her an overdose of dexamethasone which she has written in her statement with the police.

Also, the principal left? We understand he is no longer the principal? Do you make anything of this bit too
? The Acting Principal is still in the employ of the school only in a different capacity.

Accept our sympathy. Let’s talk about your son who was also a student in Premier Academy as at the time. Did he give any leads from Keren before you picked her that day?
No, he did not. He told me his friend told him he saw Keren coming out of the Clinic crying but at the time he got to the clinic area, she had left.

We understand he left that school and didnt even write his SSCE there. Why was that?

I was not comfortable leaving him in a school under the care of people that are very callous.

What support did the case receive from her friends in school? I am sure they know a thing or two.
I have not had access to them. The parents of her closest friends have said they don’t want their kids involved.

We also understand there was a case around the police requesting for Keren’s jotter, please throw more light on it for us.
Yes, the FCT Command had demanded her jotter and bible because the school had asked them to get it from me. I refused to give it to them.

I know you have questions for Premier Academy in court but is there a big one you would like to throw at them already?

Why did they not report what happened to her to me? Why did they pump her with dexamethasone knowing her health condition?

In your opinion, What will be the real justice4Keren?
Perpetrators fished out which will protect other children from it happening again.

Thank you so much for your time and do accept our sympathies.

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