Helping The Poor Gives Me Joy – Ele

This is a story of a young girl, Ideba Edu Ele, she is from Cross River State.

Ele, owns a charity organisation that helped a boy, Evalsam whose mother is mentally unstable and living with his aged grandmother.

Evalsam’s grandmother worked on people’s farm in order to get money to buy foodstuffs for her daughter and grandson.


Ele, discovered Evalsam walking without shoes and in torn clothes, in a community primary school in Igbo Imabana, Abi LGA of Cross River State where her mother teaches.

She felt she had to assist the little boy, so, she took to her Twitter account to solicit for funds to support Evalsam’s family.

This is an exclusive interview with her.

A visit to Evalsam

My name is Ideba Edu Ele.

What motivated you into charity work?

I grew up in a village and spent a greater part of my life. Because of that, I have first hand experience of what the term “poverty” really means. I didn’t have the means to give back as most persons have already seen me trending as the girl frying garri after graduating from Uni without a job.
What they didn’t know was that even in that situation, I was still pushing the story and situation of those who didn’t have anyone to assist them in my immediate environment. My main motivation was the desire to make an impact in society.

Amidst the really rough times how are you coping with your charity work?

Oh trust me it’s not easy at all. I got a job last year with an NGO in Calabar but my phone does not catch a break from the various villagers I was assisting through posting their issues and problems and getting help through social media support. So I had to keep up with it and I had lots of persons who believed in me especially on Twitter. So it kept going from one case to another.

Evalsam’s Grandmother in the Farm

Tell us about the latest case of the boy Evalsam, how did you meet him and how far did you go in supporting him?

I met Evalsam in 2020, I had just posted another family case where their son use a hospital light to read on Twitter and a solar company Bee B jump solar gave them free solar installation at Ugep, Cross River State. My mum then told me about a child in her class (Evalsam), My mum is a primary school teacher. She narrated everything about him to me and asked if I could post it online, perhaps someone might assist them, prior to that, she had been assisting them and I wasn’t even aware till she told me. His case is not recent. It’s just that since 2020 when a man (Annoymous and his friends) came together and gave me more than 150k to stock up their home with foodstuffs that would last for atleast 3 months. I did that and they’re on my pinned tweet on Twitter. I paid his fees from that money, he won’t bother about fees till he finishes primary school. We bought 2 sets of uniform, sandals, socks books etc. His mother is mentally unstable and can’t take care of him, she sometimes sets his clothes on fire or scatter things, video of his mother is also on my pinned tweet on twitter. His grandmother who takes care of him works as a labourer in people’s farms. This is now 2022, those items finished a long time ago and the house is now empty. Mama would fall sick and they would be no one to take care or even notice except my mum stops by to visit or greet them which she then gives money to buy drugs. That is not sustainable at all so I decided to give his story another shot, to try and raise support for them.

food For Evalsam and his parent

Are you getting the support needed now?

I have gotten some monetary support from 3 people since I posted, It is not moving as much as we all prayed it would. Well the post is still up there and I don’t give up easily so it might take a second for things to move more positively.

Evalsam ready for school

What about his biological mother, is she alive ?

Yes she is, they all stay together. But valuables like their clothes are not kept in the house, Evalsam keeps his clothes sometimes with neighbors depending on how his mother’s mood is for the period so she doesn’t burn or destroy them

How far do you go with investigations before picking up a case?

Oh, I am very meticulous about that, every family or case I ever posted on my page are all verified by me. I don’t post cases I don’t know about.

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