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Former Farc Captive, Ingrid Betancourt Announces Presidential Bid

The former Colombian senator, Ingrid Betancourt, has announced she will run for president again, 20 years after being kidnapped by left-wing rebels.

Ms Betancourt was campaigning in the 2002 presidential election when she was abducted by Farc rebels and held hostage for over six years.

She has pledged to tackle corruption and poverty if she wins May’s poll.

“Today I am here to finish what I started,” she told supporters in the country’s capital city of Bogotá.

“I am here to claim the rights of 51 million Colombians who are not finding justice, because we live in a system designed to reward criminals,” she said.

The Farc rebels were a Marxist group that waged a bitter war against the Colombian government for over 50 years, before eventually calling a ceasefire in 2016.

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